What is trauma-informed care?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) defines trauma as being threatened with death or serious injury directly, or witnessing the hurting of another person. When someone has been traumatized, it is important that they receive appropriate treatment, as genuine yet improper attempts to care for this person could cause retraumatization.

When individuals experience a traumatic event, they will often play through the event over and over in their mind until it begins to take over their entire life. Trauma-informed care counselors are educated on all aspects of trauma, including the physical, psychological, and emotional effects, in order to fully understand the impact on the individual. Treatment will acknowledge these negative effects and work to create new ways of thinking and behaviors to combat the complete issue successfully instead of simply treating the symptoms. The trauma survivor may never fully forget the disturbing event, but they will be better equipped to control how they will allow it to affect them in the future.

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