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Where are you located and can you provide me with directions?

We have 3 locations in Dillon, Marion and Marlboro counties.

  • Dillon County: 1719 Commerce Drive Dillon, SC 29536
  • Marion County: 424 Guyton Ct. Mullins, SC 29574
  • Marlboro County: 1035 Cheraw St., Bennettsville, SC 29512

How long is my appointment?

We will do our best to tell you what to expect before each appointment. Usually the first appointment that includes intake and assessment takes around two hours. After that, individual and family sessions are usually under an hour and groups can run as long as 90 minutes.


Is this where I take the DUI classes?

Yes. State law requires all South Carolinians who are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) to successfully complete the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP) which we offer at all three Trinity locations in Dillon, Marion and Marlboro counties.

How many (ADSAP) classes/weeks do I have to take and what days are the classes? Do you have evening classes?

ADSAP (PRI) is a 16 hour curriculum that meets once a week for two hours.  ADSAP treatment consists of group counseling and/or individual counseling that a client can attend based on treatment needs up to 9 hours a week.  In cases where a client needs inpatient or detoxification, he or she will be referred out to another facility.

You must enroll in the ADSAP program within 30 days of conviction. Because you will receive services based on individual needs, the time period for ADSAP varies for each person. While most people complete the program by the end of their suspension period, it could take you up to 12 months.

Trinity’s ADSAP Schedule:

  • Dillon - Monday nights and Thursday mornings
  • Marion- Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings
  • Marlboro - Friday mornings

What is the cost of ADSAP?

The fee for educational services provided through ADSAP is $500. Treatment services required by the program can cost up to $2,000. The total cost for all services—educational and treatment—will not exceed $2,500.

How long before I can get my license back?

If this is your first DUI and you meet certain requirements, you may obtain a provisional driver's license from the DMV. This provisional license will allow you to drive for six months from the date of issue, as long as you continue to successfully participate in ADSAP. First-time and repeat offenders who do not qualify for a provisional driver's license may qualify for other restricted licenses as determined by the DMV. Once you have completed the ADSAP program, your regular license will be reinstated.


What qualifications can I expect from a Trinity counselor?

We employ counselors of the highest quality to ensure that you get the best treatment possible. 80% of our counselors are Mastered Level Clinicians. 90% of our counselors are certified addiction counselors. 30% of our counselors are Licensed Professional Counselors.

Do you know where the nearest methadone clinic is? Do you have a doctor to prescribe meds for people with depression or withdrawal symptoms?

We do collaborate with local physicians and some clinics to support integrated medication assisted therapies, psychiatric medications, and if you like, can coordinate care with your personal physician.  We provide treatment to clients who are being administered Methadone, however we must coordinate care with the Methadone clinic of your choice. There are two nearby Methadone clinics:

Center of Hope of Myrtle Beach (Methadone clinic)
104 George Bishop Pkwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
(843) 903-6212

Starting Point of Florence (Methadone clinic)
1341 N Cashua Dr, Florence, SC 29501
(843) 673-9320

Do you offer parenting or anger management classes?

Yes, Trinity offers both parenting and anger management classes.

Our parenting classes encourage the active parenting approach which involves teaching your children behavior that is goal directed. Instead of trying to get your kids to behave simply for the sake of behaving, active parenting means setting goals for your children to achieve and creating standards of behavior within those goals. Our classes are meant to lead to a greater understanding of how to interact with your children positively, improve their behavior and ultimately strengthen your bond as a family.

Our anger management class takes a combined cognitive behavioral therapy approach that employs relaxation, cognitive, and communication skills interventions. To be eligible, clients who are referred by the court system must display certain undesirable behaviors that are high risk of current or potential problems such as being charged with simple assault, fighting, lynching or harassment.

Do you have a Detox facility?

No we do not but we can conduct a screening and if a detoxification is appropriate we can assist in the referral process. We will also be here to provide outpatient treatment when the client returns to the community. If this is an emergency please go to your local Emergency Room or call 911 for help.

What type of treatment facility are you? What services/programs do you offer?

Trinity is a level one outpatient treatment program, which may be delivered in a wide variety of settings.  Such services are provided in regularly scheduled sessions of (usually) fewer than nine contact hours a week for adults and fewer than six hours for adolescents. Our programs include: Individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, Gambling Edutherapy, Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP), Intervention Services, Offender Based Intervention (OBI), Youth and Adolescent Services, and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We also provide drug screenings to anyone who requests it and free HIV testing for our clients.


How am I going to pay? Can I make payments? Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare?

Trinity will never refuse service due to inability to pay. Those who can confirm that they live at or below the federal poverty line will not have to pay for most services. We accept SC Medicaid and many private insurance plans. Trinity will utilize all public funding we can access to reduce the costs of the services we provide. When a client does have to pay for their services, we are happy to develop a payment plan that they can afford.

What is the cost for my services?

*Link to fee schedule coming soon.

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