Where do most referrals come from?

Some of our clients come on their own for help. Other clients are referred by family members, employers, schools, social services agencies, or criminal justice organizations such as federal or state probation/parole/pardon boards.

We genuinely consider all referrals and guarantee that we will respond quickly and communicate openly throughout the referral process. During intake to the treatment program, an in-depth biological and psychological assessment will be done to determine the level of care needed. Each client will be treated with the same level of care and respect regardless of the reason for referral.

You or a loved one who is seeking help can call the following numbers to reach Trinity based on the county they are in:

Marion County: (843) 423-8292
Marlboro County: (843) 479-5683
Dillon County: (843) 774-6591

Where do most referrals come from?Catoe Group