Can teens get counseling from Trinity in their schools?

Yes. Trinity’s youth and adolescent services include providing counselors to assist our local schools with students who are struggling with drugs or alcohol. If you think that you, your child, a peer, or one of your students might have a substance abuse problem, we recommend coming to speak with us about the best course of action. Our conversations will be confidential, and we will do everything in our power to provide the help that is needed.

Trinity Behavioral Care counselors are currently located in the following schools:

  • Marlboro County High School
  • Infinity School (Marlboro)
  • Lakeview Middle/High School
  • Latta Middle/High School
  • Dillon Alternative School
  • Marion High School
  • Mullins High School
  • Success Academy
  • Johnakin Middle School
  • Palmetto Middle School
Can teens get counseling from Trinity in their schools?Catoe Group
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