Trinity Behavioral Care Announces New Marion County Facility

Marion County, November 13, 2017:  Trinity Behavioral Care, also known as the Marion County Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, is excited to announce construction of a new 5,000 square foot facility to be located on Guyton Road behind Walmart. Trinity’s Board of Directors and its Executive Director, Donny Brock, would like to thank the Marion County Healthcare Foundation for its generous $400,000.00 contribution to our new facility.  “The services provided by Trinity meet a very critical need in Marion County and this new facility will enable them to grow and expand their offerings,” said Pete Mazzaroni, Executive Director of the MCHF.

Trinity Behavioral Care also received $650,000.00 in SC-DAODAS Capitol Project funding that would not be possible without the assistance of Senator Kent Williams, Representative Lucas Atkinson, Roger Kirby, and Wayne George (former Representative).  “Trinity Behavioral Care has worked tirelessly for over 4 decades to provide support and care to those in our community suffering from addiction.  Our delegation was pleased to help Trinity secure the funding through the SC Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services to grow and improve the services they provide,” said Senator Kent Williams, Marion County Delegation Chairman.  Trinity Behavioral Care could not exist without the consistent backing of the Marion County Council.

Last year, Trinity Behavioral Care collaborated with CareSouth of Carolina to create a Medication Assisted Therapy service to address our local opiate epidemic. Marion County is currently ranked by SC-DHEC as the fourth most opiate affected county in South Carolina. Sara Goldsby, Director of SC-DAODAS, said of this partnership, “Trinity and CareSouth have an exceptional model for services in our state. They’re delivering the kind of care patients need now more than ever.”  In only 17 months, this MAT Program has become the largest rural service of its kind in the state, serving well over 250 clients with opiate use disorders.

About Trinity Behavioral Care:  Trinity has served Marion County’s prevention and addiction treatment needs since 1973. Last year, Trinity treated 1770 clients, almost 700 of which reside in Marion County. They also provide prevention initiatives that touch every student in our public schools.

Trinity Behavioral Care Announces New Marion County FacilityPhillip Trammel

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